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by Sherrie Clark

Have you ever wondered what your writer’s voice is or even if you have one? To answer these questions, let’s start by defining writer’s voice.

A writer’s voice is just that. When you write, the way you talk and how you speak spills over into your writing. Your writer’s voice is then expressed on paper through your creativity, your thoughts, your feelings, and how you tell your story or message. It’s your signature that sets you apart from other writers. Actually, your readers will probably be the best ones to describe your particular writer’s voice.

For instance, think about your favorite band or singer. You probably would know their music anywhere. Even if you’re listening to a song you’ve never heard before, you would know whether or not that song was being played by your favorite band or singer. That’s the same concept with a book. When you become a known writer or author, readers will know when they read your content because they’ll come to know your voice.

So to break it down, your writer’s voice is your specific cadence, your attitude, your perspective, your tone, and your inflection. It’s what you emphasize. Your personality is inherent in your writer’s voice, and your writer’s voice is inherent in your personality. They go hand in hand.

Just like our writing skills and abilities, our writer’s voice can change; it can even change from one book to the other. So ask yourself if you think your writer’s voice needs improving. Maybe it’s been repressed and just needs to be unleashed. Whether you want to find it and learn how to unleash it, or whether you merely want to better it, it’ll take some effort. And like anything else that’s important to us, the time and attention we give to our writer’s voice to ensure it has what it needs will be time and attention well invested.


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