“I’ve always dreamed about writing a book, but the dream quickly became a nightmare the moment I attempt to get started.  Recently, I engaged the How To Write a Book in 4 Weeks teleclass and loved it. The class was fun, interesting, and loaded with valuable content. Sherrie and Malaki have a wealth of knowledge about the publishing world. The more information they shared, the more I knew I was learning from professionals. In my opinion, that’s where it counts. No doubt God connected me to them and this class! Today, I am empowered to write a book and tell my story. No more nightmares. This class gave me the tools to make my dream a reality.”

Nine months ago my marketing director gave me the scare of my life, you know that moment when your palms sweat, your heart pounds a million beats per minute, and you see stars? That’s EXACTLY what I felt when he told me that the next step of the business process was to turn my life story into a book. I had no clue where to start, what to say, or even how to dig deep to bring my story to life even though I was the one who had lived it! The amazing Sherrie Clark flew in on strong, capable wings and quickly became my Fairy GodEditor. Through her mentorship, her direction, her editing, and her lighthearted, gentle approach, she helped me to create a book that I am incredibly proud of and that will resonate with readers in a compelling and compassionate way.  From my initial chicken scratch notes to holding the finished book in my hands (and seeing it on Amazon!), I am forever grateful for Sherrie’s presence. I could not have done it without her and highly recommend anyone looking to do the same to let her grab your hand and help you to soar.
STACEY HAWKINS, President & CFO (Chief Flavor Officer), StaceyHawkins.com

“My experience with Sherrie Clark was phenomenal. As a first-time author, I had no idea what to expect to get to the finished product. Sherrie made a very challenging task very simple for me to understand. Furthermore, her patience was amazing! Her expertise blew me away!”
Author, Dance for a Harvest

“Malaki has been a tremendous blessing to my ministry. One example is a vision that God gave me for a youth program, MS POWER. Her creative ability captured my vision as she custom designed our beautiful logo, power point presentation and book cover, as well as formatting our workbook. Malaki caught the vision and exceeded my expectations in a Godly professional manner. She’s the best!”
Founder, Virtuous Essence Ministries Author

“As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I found Lonnie’s Writers Workshop very enlightening. Under her supervision, the exercises unlocked a gift tha”t promotes emotional healing through the expression of the written word. I will continue to use it personally as well as professionally to see others find freedom of expression resulting in inner healing. Thank you, Lonnie, for sharing your talent and passion for writing with your students.”

“I’ve worked with Sherrie now for many years running. On every project, Sherrie has gone above and beyond what is expected and promised. In a world where disappointment is seemingly becoming the norm, Sherrie breaks that mold and is a refreshing change of pace.”
, Author/Screenwriter, Law and Disorder & The Little Book for Huge Success

“Lonnie Lane’s writing has been an absolute treasure trove for me in the past nine years or so that I have been reading her work. She has a clear and informative insight on the Bible that I have found in few others; her words and articles come across as both warm ad elevating. Some years ago I decided the Lonnie Lane was one of the few writers I simply had to meet in person, and so I made the considerable journey to Jacksonville, Florida to sit in on one of her classes. Being able to read her work and listen to Lonnie in person has been both uplifting and edifying to me. Thanks, Lonnie.”
TAPANI M. KYMALAINEN, Timetoreturnministries.com Author, The Genesis Mousetrap & Empires of Image Restored

“I finished my first book, Steeple Envy, which Sherrie Clark edited. Not only did she do an amazing job, she was great to work with throughout the process. I can’t imagine having a better experience with an editor than I did with Sherrie. She is a perfectionist and a professional who takes pride and ownership in the work she does. She communicated clearly and thoroughly with me throughout the process, which is very important when it comes to trying to clean up a manuscript and yet keep it in the voice of the author. If you are in need of editing of any kind, I would highly recommend Sherrie for the job!”
Author, Steeple Envy

“Sherrie Clark is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to writing, editing and publishing. She walked me through the process with patience and understanding. Her expertise helped craft my product for optimal success and lead me through the world of book publishing and marketing. I highly recommend her services to any author considering writing or publishing a book.”
Author, The Downward Climb

“Sherrie has a way of capturing exactly what I was trying to convey to the reader, and it still leaves me speechless. She commits 110% to every project. I’m looking forward to working with her on my other future manuscripts.”
Author, Pausing with God & Pausing in His Presence

“Sherrie, I always look forward to learning from you … so thank you for being a great book coach.”
Orange Park, Florida

“Sherrie is an excellent book coach and book editor. She was always available for me when I needed her and when I had questions. During those times I wanted to give up, she encouraged me. In addition, she was especially helpful in bringing out what I wanted to say, and she completed everything in a timely manner. Even after I completed my book, she continued to follow up with me and encourage me to move forward to publish my book.”
Author, Supernatural Transformation from a Homosexual to a Homologeo

“Sherrie Clark had edited my book Who’s Running Your Show, and I had a wonderful experience with her. She was easy to work with, and I appreciated how she explained her changes and suggestions along the way so that I not only knew why she made the changes, but I could learn for future writing endeavors. If you have a book, I would highly recommend contacting Sherrie. She’s professional and personable. Most importantly, she’s good at what she does.”
Author, Who’s Running Your Show?: How to Be in Charge of What You Think, Feel, and Do

“I recommend Sherrie to others because of the satisfaction I received. I was very pleased and highly impressed with her quality of outstanding service that I received. Sherrie is very professional, and I look forward to working with her more in the future. I thank God for this divine connection.”
Author, The Little Girl Now Lives

“I noticed that after visiting other book-writing websites, I clearly enjoyed being on The Authorship the most.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with such a professional like Sherrie Clark. Her patience and honesty was very refreshing. Her persistence in making sure that every edit was examined under the scrutiny of facts made it educational as well. Sherrie Clark takes the time to give you the best experience possible and gives you the inspiration to make sure your convictions and story come to life.”
Author, From a Prodigal Church to a Prodigal Nation

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