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Do you want to make a difference in the world or maybe just leave a story for your family?   If you’ve always wanted to write a book or if you’ve just recently started thinking about it, the time has never been better to dive in and do it. We can confidently say that because we’ve had our eyes on the book-writing business for over thirty years combined as professional authors and editors. Good news! With the recent changes in the book-writing industry, the future is looking brighter than ever for new authors!

If you’ve been hesitating to start your book, or if you’ve finished one but don’t know what to do next, we completely understand. Entering the unfamiliar waters of the book process can seem daunting. This fear alone makes a lot of people quit before they ever begin. In fact, we’re convinced that the best books in the world are, quite sadly, resting quietly in cemeteries all across this country because the owners of those thoughts-that-could-have-been-books were never brave enough to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard in today’s terms). Don’t let that be you!

guy on cell phoneWe’ll teach you how to get that message or story out of your head and into a book in our Learn How to Write Your Book in Four Weeks training teleclasses. Although the class has ended, you still have an opportunity to get this valuable information. We are putting the classes on CDs so that you can learn in the comfort or your home or office at your convenience. You don’t have to search anymore. We will teach you how to write your book.

Read what some of our former students have to say about our Learn How to Write Your Book in 4 Weeks series:

Has God called you to write a book or have you had the yearning to write for a few years now but never knew where to begin?
  Here is your chance to find all the answers and professional teachings/coaching to turn your life-long dream into a reality! From classes on writing the book, which are pennies compared to other teaching and coaching book-writing instructional courses to book cover, editing, and publishing, The Authorship is the ship that will guide you to success, and these folks are amazing! They care about you. They know their stuff, and they will help you write, edit, and even publish and help you with a book cover that will sell and attract people! All of this for mere pennies on the dollar compared to other companies!
“Trust me I know. I have done my research. But the real no-brainer is that this company is spirit-led, and they are the real deal! So please, if you have any intention on writing a book, or you have had that dream to write one but never knew how or where to begin, please take this beginner book writing class. I
hope you will join them ASAP!”

   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“I’ve always dreamed about writing a book, but the dream quickly becomes a nightmare the moment I attempt to get started.  Recently, I engaged in the “Learn How To Write a Book in 4 Weeks” teleclasses and loved it. The class was fun, interesting, and loaded with valuable content. Sherrie and Malaki have a wealth of knowledge about the publishing world. The more information they shared, the more I knew I was learning from professionals. In my opinion, that’s where it counts. No doubt God connected me to them and this class! Today, I am empowered to write a book and tell my story. No more nightmares. This class gave me the tools to make my dream  a reality.”

“I just cannot thank you, Sherrie and Maliki @ The AuthorShip for the blessing I received as a participant in your class. The information was given in a clear, concise, step-by-step format. The workbook is a timeless and invaluable tool. 
“Years have passed since notebooks were filled with words of wisdom, written on my heart, given by Spirit. I have been paralyzed and overwhelmed with thoughts of ‘how.’
“Having taken your class I feel overjoyed. You have provided the “how.” It’s like I’ve been handed a personal roadmap, one that allows me to move at my own pace and guarantees my success, as long as I am willing to follow your proven steps to reach the final destination—a published book.”
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

   St. Augustine, Florida

How to Write a Book in 4 Weeks,” Sherrie and Malaki should have titled the class “Let Us Help You Be Obedient To What God Told You To Do Time and Time Again.” Words cannot express how afraid I am to step out on faith and complete this task. God knows me; he knows I make up excuses as to why I can’t write my book. But some way somehow, I was told about this class so I took it as a sign to get in gear. Sherrie and Malaki made the process of writing a book simple to understand at a price I could not refuse.  When the topic of time management came up, I smiled because that’s my longest running excuse, not enough time. They showed me how to carve out time daily. After class I did not want to let them go. That speaks volumes about the impact they had on me.”
   Nurse, Jacksonville, Florida

“I have written three books, but have never worked with a publisher such as Sherrie Clark of Storehouse Publishing. Along with her very professional skills, she puts all of her heart into making sure you are putting out a first-class book that will possibly reach almost an entire world of readers. I highly recommend Storehouse Publishing for all your publishing needs.”
Former missionary to the underground church in mainland China

President, Hearts of Fire Inc. Ministries

“God blessed me with the privilege of being under your teaching and that I do not take for granted. Your class was well-prepared, well-organized, well-taught and well worth a lot more than the price I had paid. Thank you for imparting your knowledge so gracefully and generously. You have inspired me greatly.
May God bless you abundantly!”
    Blog writer of: TheLateLatina, and
    Love Abounds, Parenting Autism

“Thank you so much for this course. I have been wanting to write a book for many years. God had laid it in my heart, but I have never muscled up the courage to begin. Thank you Sherrie and Malaki for your generosity in offering this telecourse at such an affordable price and unveiling the buried truth, that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Thanks for the inspiration. I am now connected to the Storehouse family. I look forward to working with you on my project.”
   Ypsilanti, Michigan 

“I  participated in the first Learn How to Write Your Book in 4 Weeks teleclass taught by Sherrie and Malaki. I knew when I purchased the series that I would be receiving valuable information. However, I quickly realized even after the first teleclass that I had received a blessing far more that I anticipated. In summary, all four teleclasses were proven to have been anointed, professional, educational, organized, and incredibly invaluable to me!
Thank you, and may God continue to bless you both.”

“The teleclasses by are packed full with great tips and advice to help you get started and finish with all the stages of having your dream come true. Sherri and Malaki really are experts at book writing and publishing. I really enjoyed the teleclasses, and I cannot wait to use the tips and advice they gave me. Thank you for making this class available.”

   Jacksonville, Florida

“I have never written a book but have many thoughts on paper. Sherrie Clark and Malaki of Storehouse Publishing have given me the tools to start and complete a book with the expertise of editing, proofreading, and marketing. I know my book is in good hands with their professional skills and passion and spirit of excellence.”
   Former missionary to mainland China
   President, Hearts of Fire Ministries, Inc.

“I wish to endorse the authorship. Their training has brought me much insight and wonderful information. I want to thank you for helping me. I suffered from fear and insecurities, but your teaching each week has now filled me with new hope and the understanding that I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthen me..Amen! Thank you my friends.”

“I want to thank you two ladies, from the bottom of my heart, the opportunity to be involved with the classes. This opportunity has been an absolute blessing.”

Below are just some of the topics we’ll address during these classes:

  • Defining the motivator for writing your book;
  • Defining the obstacles for not writing your book and how to overcome them;
  • Getting ideas for your book;
  • Determining your premise;
  • Defining your theme;
  • Determining your genre and why this is oh-so important;
  • Defining your market; and
  • Funding your book while writing it.
  • Developing your ideas;
  • Creating an outline, the road map to take you from start to finish; and
  • Writing a book without an outline.
  • Writing your book – how to start;
  • Developing your writing space;
  • Overcoming writer’s block; and
  • Finishing your book.
  • What to do after you finish your first draft;
  • What to do when self-editing your first draft;
  • What to do when self-editing your second draft; and
  • What to do with your subsequent drafts.


Writing a book can be scary, but our one-on-one coaching with best-selling and award-winning authors will walk you through the process step by step.



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