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by Sherrie Clark

A cabbie was stopped by a young man in Manhattan who asked, “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?”

“Practice,” replied the cabbie.

So goes it with writing. Write always and always write. As with anything, the more you do it, the better you’ll become. Build those writing muscles so that you can convey your message in the best way possible.

During your training (and your training should be ongoing), you want to make sure you learn and use the proper form so that your writing muscles will grow and develop correctly. Learn the proper rules of grammar and punctuation. Read books in your genre. Read books outside of your genre. Read really bad books too, so that you can learn from their mistakes. Read books about writing. Build your vocabulary and use new words daily and in the proper context.

Talk with other writers and join writing groups and forums. These are places where you can get some great input on your projects as well as meet some good friends. I’ve always said that no one understands a writer like another writer, so in these groups, you’ll find others who “get you” without any defensive explanations. You’ll also learn about some good resources, and as we know, word-of-mouth referrals can be some of the best referrals you can get.

You’ll discover that the more you write, the easier it gets. You’ll find that you’re spending less time agonizing over a word and more time writing your next set of sentences. You’ll be like the athlete who started off slow and awkward but refused to give up. Because of perseverance, determination, and perpetual training, you’ll be able to catch that ball in midair and score as a professional writer and author.


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