We have been helping aspiring authors reach their dreams of becoming published. Now it’s your turn! One of the greatest feelings we get is when aspiring writers see what is possible. They can’t help but become excited and energized to keep moving forward.

There is no debate that the best way to move forward the fastest is through an individualized program tailored to your specific needs. This is why we’ve put together four different programs for you to choose from as you progress on your journey. Only you can decide which program works best for you so take a look at the menu below. I think you’ll find one that fits you perfectly.

Sherrie Clark edited size decrease 200Sherrie Clark, Sr. Coach, All Genres

Sherrie’s coaching expertise covers all genres, having coached authors all across the country. She teaches authors and aspiring authors how to get their messages and stories out of their heads and onto paper and then how to develop it into a rich book. Her patience and understanding in working with new authors is unsurpassed, and she’s noted as going above and beyond what’s expected.

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“Sherrie Clark is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to writing, editing, and publishing. She walked me through the process with patience and understanding. Her expertise helped craft my product for optimal success and lead me through the world of book publishing and marketing. I highly recommend her services to any author considering writing or publishing a book.”    –Tracey Pollackov, Author, THE DOWNWARD CLIMB

Lonnie LaneLonnie Lane, Coach, Nonfiction Books

Lonnie has a special talent in helping new authors get started writing their books. She knows how to pull out the message from aspiring authors in a way that surprises even them.

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“As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I found Lonnie’s Writers Workshop very enlightening. Under her supervision, the exercises unlocked a gift that promotes emotional healing through the expression of the written word. I will continue to use it personally as well as professionally to see others find freedom of expression resulting in inner healing. Thank you, Lonnie, for sharing your talent and passion for writing with your students.” –Melissa Gillespie, MSW

Malaki-400vertMalaki, Sr. Coach, Book Marketing

Malaki brings over forty years of business and marketing experience. She’s authored training and marketing manuals, and she has successfully applied every principle she’s taught, giving her the marketing authority needed in this competitive world. She knows how to teach these same principles in a simple no-nonsense way so that others know how to increase the audience reach for their books.

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“Malaki has been a tremendous blessing to my ministry. One example is a vision that God gave me for a youth program, MS POWER. Her creative ability captured my vision as she custom designed our beautiful logo, power point presentation and book cover, as well as formatting our workbook. Malaki caught the vision and exceeded my expectations in a Godly professional manner. She’s the best!” –TRONDA GRAHAM Founder, Virtuous Essence Ministries Author

“We look forward to working with you.”

–Your Authorship Team

Start your journey of becoming a published fiction or nonfiction author now.
  • Find out how to turn your dream of becoming a published author into a reality.
  • Become a recognized authority in your field by writing a book on your topic that’s professionally published.
  • Get one-on-one face time with an expert to help you write your book and make it the best it can be. Display and promote your book in the exclusive Authors’ Showcase reserved for those authors who have taken advantage of TheAuthorship’s coaching sessions.

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Writing a book can be scary, but our one-on-one coaching with best-selling and award-winning authors will walk you through the process step by step.



In this competitive book market, your book will need every advantage it can get. Have your book professionally edited at Storehouse Publishing, LLC.


Convert your book into audiobook. Learn more about how to get your book into this underserved market with an increasing demand for this book format at Storehouse Publishing, LLC.


People DO judge a book by its cover, so make sure you have one that pops, sizzle and jumps off the shelf and into the hands of readers. Our publishing division Storehouse Publishing, LLC will create a captivating cover that will captivate readers.


A professional website will give your book a home where readers and potential readers can go to learn more about your book and you. Storehouse Publishing, LLC offers a professionally designed website created with the author in mind and one you'll be glad to house your book.


One of the most powerful marketing tools in today's world of book marketing is social media. We have creative experts in this area who know how to reach a larger audience. To learn more about our social media packages, visit Storehouse Publishing, LLC.

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