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My journey with Sherrie Clark as my book editor and book coach started with a word-of-mouth referral. I had told a friend about my book and that I needed someone to help me take it to the next level, and she told me to call Sherrie. She thought we’d be a perfect fit.

I listened to my friend’s advice, but I was reluctant to contact another book editor. I had to push aside my trepidation because I knew my book needed to have more work on it, and I didn’t know what to do at this point; I had gone with it as far as I knew how.

Prior to meeting Sherrie, I had had two other editors “edit” my manuscript. I was frustrated and disappointed with the results I had received from them because I didn’t feel as if they improved my book or did much work on it at all. I thought they were going to make corrections, but all they did was point out what I needed to do to improve it. I wasn’t just overwhelmed; I was paralysed. I didn’t even know where to begin addressing their suggestions for improvements. I had never written a book before this one, so it was all new to me. What’s worse, even though I hadn’t applied their suggestions, they still wanted to publish my book as is and in its unedited condition.

I refused to give up on my book, though. I knew I had a fantastic story to share, and I needed the right person to help me beyond just telling me what’s wrong with it. I had spent five years writing my book, and I couldn’t settle for it to look amateurish just to get it published. It needed to look professional. Because I trusted the source to this referral, I took a leap of faith and called Sherrie.

During our first phone conversation, Sherrie and I hit it off quite well. We talked for a long time. Ten minutes after talking to her, I knew we could work together and that she was the one to edit my first book. When I told her parts of the story, she immediately became excited and began to share with me ideas that were coming to her about my book. I sent her my manuscript, and then we met in person and talked.

chat_120pxThe first edit Sherrie did on my book was a developmental edit. Finally, someone made the much-sought-after corrections I had been seeking. She also asked a whole lot of questions along the way. Because of the facts of my story, some things were painful. However, what she had me do was necessary to develop my story and make it come alive. Personally, it forced me to consider my past actions and how they affected others, something I had not done to date. As a result, I have since been able to help others who are in the same situation.

Sherrie edited my book several times, with each edit asking more questions, mostly in an effort to elaborate on my answers to her previous questions. With each and every edit, I could see how she was taking my manuscript and developing it, turning it into a professional book that would captivate readers. I became more excited. I knew I had a great message, but Sherrie knew how to help me convey it in the right way while making sure I kept my voice throughout.

During the process of writing my book, my experience with Sherrie as my editor and book coach was fantastic. She was encouraging and always followed up with me. When she asked a question, she wouldn’t let too much time go by before calling me to get the answer or at least find out if I had thought about her questions. Sherrie completely turned around my perspective about book editors for the better.

My book is now in its prepublished phase, and Sherrie continues to coach me to the next steps. I look forward to finally getting my book published, but I’m not anxious about the process. I know Sherrie will be there by my side, coaching me every step of the way and beyond, and I know I can trust her to treat my book with the same care and excellence that she would treat her own.

Pricilla Ruiz Author, Supernatural Transformation from a Homosexual to a Homologeo

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