TheAuthorship is the educational division of our publishing house Storehouse Publishing, LLC. As a God-inspired company, we are founded on Christian, moral, and family values.

OUR MISSION To provide aspiring authors with exceptional education and guidance that assists them in fulfilling their dream of becoming a published author. OUR VISION To better the world through positive, inspirational messages in published form by educating aspiring authors on how to go from conception to published in a timely and cost efficient manner.
And He said to them, Go into all the world and preach and publish openly the good news (the Gospel) to every creature [of the whole human race] (Mark 16:15 AMPC).


Writing a book can be intimidating. After all, how do you get that story, that concept, that message out of your head and out of your heart and onto the pages of a book? You’re not alone in your confusion and apprehensions. Numerous aspiring authors have voiced their desire to write and publish their fiction or nonfiction book, but they just don’t know how and where to start. Question no more; you have come to the right place. TheAuthorship team is here to teach you what to do every step of the way, from how to start writing your book to completing it and then marketing it to the world. So look no further. You now have professionals who understand how first-time authors can feel overwhelmed, intimidated, and flat-out scared when attempting to write their first book. We are honored to serve you.


Sherrie Clark edited size decrease 200Sherrie is the cofounder of TheAuthorship and its publishing division Storehouse Publishing, LLC. In addition to being the senior editor at both companies, she’s a book editor, a coach to authors, and a best-selling author for her book Behind Her Miami Badge: Undercover, the Cocaine Wars, and Life in the Fast Lane that she coauthored with Special Agent (Ret.) Floy Turner, and she’s the author or the award-winning book Small Voices Silenced: The Secret Society of Sacrificed Children. She enjoys working with authors and aspiring authors all across theSmallVoicesSilencedCover with left border country to edit their books and get them published and into the marketplace.

As a public speaker, she educates groups and conference attendees on how to write their books. Before tackling books, Sherrie wrote for several online and print publications such as the award-winning newspaper Victims’ Advocate, JaxChristian.org, and BHMB Cover Final Reducedexaminer.com as the Jacksonville Christianity & Social Issues Examiner, a niche that she created and is now used by other writers. Sherrie has by-lined and ghostwritten well over two hundred published articles, blogs, stories, press releases, etc. and edited almost every kind of communication, including books, websites, bios, articles, stories, a magazine, blogs, press releases, and so on. She feels she’s living her dream, doing what she’s the most passionate about and what she loves to do. As a result, she’s fulfilling the adage “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”


Malaki-400vertMalaki is a business entrepreneur who has spent her career climbing the ladder of success with a history of achievements. From creating and owning a window washing “business” at the age of nine (complete with employees) to owning and operating a successful six-figure mortgage company as an adult to cofounding TheAuthorship and Storehouse Publishing, LLC. Malaki brings over forty years of business ownership and a wealth of business expertise to both companies. She brings over twenty-two years experience as a financial educator where for over fifteen years she served as a licensed loan specialist and was named one of the highest-paid female originators in her state. She’s certified in business management, supervision development, effective listening, group problem solving, and effective leadership. She’s a public speaker and the author of The Word In Action series that’s designed to bring healing  to the destructive financial cycles in the lives of God’s people. She’s also the founder of The Malaki Group, LLC, which brings financial education based on practical application and biblical truth to God’s people through conferences, seminars, workshops, and in-home teaching events.


Lonnie LaneLonnie Lane has been writing for many years and has a gift of being able to address the art and creative process of writing generally. She has the ability to draw creativity out of people so as to introduce them to ways of being free to write meaningfully Lonnie Lane Heaven bookand creatively apart from the inner critic which hinders so many writers and wannabe writers as well.

Lonnie is the co-author of the bestseller book Heaven is Beyond Your Wildest Expectations that she coauthored with Sid Roth; Because They Never Asked: A Jewish Family’s Search for God; and The Majesty of Humility, a collection of poems. She is the ghostwriter of a well-read book which shall remain nameless.

Lonnie Because BookLonnie has been the producer of Sid Roth’s Its Supernatural TV and radio shows and has written over 250 articles, writing a 3,000-4,000 word article weekly. She has also written several biblical fiction short stories that were included in national church publications as well as several interviews with international persons for the World Evangelism Crusade’s magazine. She has written discipleship and teaching materials for over twenty years, birthing her discipleship book and ebook Meeting Jesus, Knowing God. She has also acted as initial (first) editor of books by several Christian authors, including Paul Wilbur’s recent book, Touching the Heart of God, which has been #1 on Amazon at the time of this writing.

TheAuthorship has it all! So let the journey begin to fulfilling your dream of becoming a published author by clicking here.

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